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Leave a gift in your Will 

Your legacy will help us support individuals and families living with leukodystrophy, and get us closer to a cure.  We are the peak leukodystrophy organisation in Australia and have been operating for 28 years from 17 August 2020.  Your gift – no matter the size – will be very valuable in accelerating the leukodystrophy cause both locally and globally. 

Leukodystrophy is a complex, confusing and confronting disease that takes a toll on those living with the disease, their families, friends and carers.  Our Founder, Sr Julie Thomas CSB OAM Hearing the news, they just can’t believe it; they are in a state of shock, sometimes denial.  I know in my heart, the group will continue to grow and be an effective resource for all families linked with Leukodystrophy.  Families will continue to be taken care of compassionately and respectfully – which is what they deserve” – Sr Julie Thomas OAM (2012) 

By leaving this special gift you help to transform lives of all those affected by Leukodystrophy. 

You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will. Anyone can do it.  You may choose to give: 

A Percentage 

A percentage or share of your estate alongside allowing for loved ones. For example, you could leave 10% of your total wealth. This allows for growth or depreciation in value of your estate. 

A Residual 

A residual gift is the remainder (or share of the remainder) of your estate after your other finances have been settled. 

A Specific Bequest 

A specified sum of cash. However, this does not allow for changes of circumstance or inflation. It can also include a gift of real estate, stocks, bonds, shares, artwork, jewellery etc. 

Leukodystrophy Australia recommends discussing your intentions with your loved ones first and engaging a solicitor when writing or amending your Will. 

If you have already recommended leaving us a gift in your Will, we would love to thank you personally.  However should you wish to remain anonymous, please know we are extremely grateful and heartened, as we endow those living with leukodystrophy, through knowledge and caring to lead their best lives. 

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